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Design #11857150: gc.716

we have a clear winner. fun, thanks


Green badge Green: This design did not make use of any powered wheels !

More Badges

The following badges that only a human can identify. This particular design may have earned some of the following badges!

Boomerang badge Boomerang: The goal parts return to the building area !
Clean badge Clean: The entire contraption falls off the map!
Lightning badge Lightning: The contraption solves the level in under a specific time limit (usually set by the level author)!
Sweep badge Sweep: All the dynamic objects fall off the map !
Champion badge Champion: The goal parts never leave the goal area once they're firmly there!
Badgeless badgeBadgeless: The design did not achieve any other badges!



Start areas : 1
Goal areas : 1
Static rectangles : 17
Static circles : 0
Dynamic rectangles : 2
Dynamic circles : 0
Goal rectangles : 0
Goal circles : 2
Total: 23

Added by this Design

Unpowered wheels : 4
CW wheels : 0
CCW wheels : 0
Water rods : 8
Solid wood rods : 0
Total: 12
Mass (in mass units): 11988.840887324 mass units
Mass (in water rod mass units): 74.930255545778u
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  • Design ID: #11857150
  • Design name: gc.716
  • Design description: we have a clear winner. fun, thanks
  • Level: Box Car Derby (#611649)
  • Saved by: jeke


  • Quality rating: (not available)


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