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Postby ScienceGuy2012 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:12 pm

Put aside whatnot about making a sulution to every level, every badge. Introducing, antibadges!
Antis are represented by a -. (eg - :sweep: is truce)
We're going for the opposites of badges this time, point values shown(use for comps)

Now for unofficial opposites:
Water-Dry:[7]Wheels get weaker because they get dryer - wheels must turn slower and slower until they stop. Only applies to power.
Carpenter-[8]Lazy:NO WOOD RODS ZOMG
Infinite Boomerang-Infinite failure[10]: you get the contraption to work, but the contraption also has to be an ipecac fail. Difficulty for the designs:4.7/5
Handsoff-Mazemover[4]: increasingly time-taking since you have to show proof of you moving the goal object around like a maniac.
Sweep-Truce[6]:Do not let any dynamic objects fall offscreen.
Clean-Saver[7]: Your contraption has to stay entirely onscreen.
Unconnected-true connection[1]:Your entire contraption has to be connected somehow. This also means no glitching. Specifically by glitching I mean phasing and poppers.
Badgeless-HACKED[-100]: That means you cheated to get every badge by editing the level to self solve. NO dynamic objects.

That's all! Now get to work on finding anti-designs!
3 example designs:
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