Playing FC on "Hardcore Mode" :)

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Playing FC on "Hardcore Mode" :)

Postby marjo on Thu May 08, 2014 9:06 am

Finding it hard these days to have fun playing boring old levels?
Then try out FC "Hardcore Mode"!
Here's how. You can either do this with a level, or with a design.
First, quickly double click the play button (the one with a triangle).
Then, click the link button (with the chain).
Lastly, press the back button on the thing with the link that pops up to close it.
Try that out, you'll see that the background stays the same but the level/design is placed over it. When you click the red arrow button to go back to the menu, it will reload and you have to click it a second time to go back.
You can actually click the play button in step 1 any even number of times, then you have to click the red arrow that many times to go back.
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