Overcame my aversion to paypal.

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Overcame my aversion to paypal.

Postby zettix on Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:09 pm

Put simply:
I heard about the site via b3ta.
I had fun. Memorable fun.
I introduced it to my elder son, age 7.
I introduced it to friends at work, maybe 31.
I showed it to a personal friend, he loved it.
'Why not pay' he asked. 'I throw $10 at several programming geniuses regularly. Where would this economy be if you didn't support it?'
I pay $10
I send it to more friends, this is so much fun.
I post this banal, sorry to bug you.
I visit the music composers web site, and hit the play button.
I cannot believe it's still going.
Happiness, and long life,
p.s. the novel solutions of others was arguably the best part. ;-)
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