Latest Game Revision: August 6th

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Latest Game Revision: August 6th

Postby weasel on Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:21 am

Hooray! Pacifist is back from vacation. Our first batch of quick-fix updates have been minor but I'm excited about some things that will be happening shortly. Keep your eyes peeled!

In this new version:

  • Upgrades and optimizations to the database have been made to make the game run much more smoothly, and hit the connection limits less frequently. This will resolve most of the current issues related to that (games not saving, having to refresh the page a few times, etc)
  • When editing levels, the box outlines messing up when rotating have been fixed.
  • Removed the exploit where you could move items outside of the build box with the right mouse button.
  • Added the ability to show a "your version is out of date" message for the future. I'm personally excited about this one but it won't actually take effect until the next version is released.
  • Various security and back end upgrades.

Known Issues:

  • Inconsistent replays do still rarely occur, and are being investigated. Though most are attributed to contraptions being made in previous versions, there have been a few reported incidents of older/more obscure processors making small changes in your levels outcome (original thread for this bug)
  • Sticks and rods have a minimum length, but when moving a joint you can make them even smaller than the limit. The engine doesn't handle this too well and will make your contraption run differently several times in a row if you have long chains of short sticks. This can be avoided for now by simply not making ultra-short sticks.
  • Contraptions have been hard-capped at around 120 parts, for both level-parts and contraption-parts. There is no error message or visual indication, parts will simply not be placed above this limit. This is a temporary stopgap measure to prevent a database corruption bug with very big designs.
  • Very rarely there will be a database glitch when processing your paypal transaction. If you have paid for the game and have not received your access within a few minutes, please forward your paypal receipt to .
  • Physics will sometimes "freak out" and send your contraption into a conniption! This is usually because of a glitch in the physics system, usually when you use excessive numbers of sticks/rods connected to wheels. Try to simplify your designs to prevent this from happening!
  • Rediculous numbers of rods in a level may cause the contraption to just "fall apart," or even worse, go into "black hole mode." These are odd little bugs that will hopefully get fixed soon - again, just simplify to avoid it!

You will have to clear your browser cache to get the updated copy. Visit this thread if you don't know how.

(Link to older July 24th revisions)
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