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Extra Challenges

Postby pie4prez on Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:52 pm

Please post solutions to the challenges along with the Challenge code (e.g. 1b)

Level 2 - Reach Up
2a - Don't use any wheels

Level 3 - Mind the Gap
3a - Catapult the ball over the circle in the back
3b - Use a Ramp to Jump over the Gap

Level 4 - Junkyard
4a - Clean all Junk off the Screen (The Junk Below doesn't need to be Cleared)
4b - Go UNDER the Junk

Level 5 - The Wall
5a - Don't let the Wall topple (No Catapults allowed)

Level 6 - On a Roll
6a - Use the Ball as a Fulcrum on a Catapult or See-Saw (Example)
6b - Beat the level without moving the ball

Level 7 - Full-up
7a - Go right over the gap (No Catapults)
7b - Go over the Orange Ball!

Level 8 - Higher
8a - Don't use a Catapult

Happy Contrapting!

More Challenges Soon!!!
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