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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby Leeserdoresky on Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:54 pm

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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby rabid squirrel on Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:05 am


thinking about updating this. and the other threads. and maybe working on some ideas. and maybe adding some of the things I said I might like to add. and maybe making a proper one for FC2 instead of just most number of badges.

not sure what happened to the unconnected image. and there would be some terminology to work out (champerang vs non champerang boomerang vs infinite boomerang is what springs to mind) also I think flash player 10 fixed the physics differences problems but that could mean that all the ones that "work for most but not for me" no work for nobody.
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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby rabid squirrel on Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:19 am

well, first thing's first. Rescued the better unconnected badge. kind of. kinda pixelated and white bg. but better than the "official" unconnected badge (who even uses unconnected water rods?) updated the front page to include it.
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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby rabid squirrel on Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:09 am

I don't remember how I browsed through the wiki to find best/earliest solutions. Particularly, did you use to be able to view individual levels in the wiki? This is annoying. Help?
...YEAH figured it out. not in the wiki, in the level browser!

Do mac/PC physics still differ? In the line rider world, this was fixed with the arrival of flash player ten in... *looks it up* late 2010? Has anyone tested this since then?
If not, I have dual boot now so I totally can boot up in PC mode and check stuff...

I need to redefine boomerangs. I want to include boomerangs that don't STAY in the workspace, now that FC2 counts it as a boomerang, but I have no good way of tracking early examples of this down. sigh. will think on this. In any case,
New definitions:
:boomerang: Boomerang: Makes it back to the workspace.
:boomerang: :champ: Champerang: Makes it back to the workspace and stays there.
:boomerang: :boomerang: Infinite Boomerang: Back and forth forever.

Going to add carpenter still. :woodrod:

JHawk4 wrote:
Unpossible Infinite Boomerang 68 (?) piece. :)
rabid squirrel wrote:the ones that do virtually nothing for over 10 minutes or so (about 13k ticks on my computer) will be disqualified, unless they were the only one that achieved that combination of badges.
watching this slowly do it's thing in another window. It's boomeranged once in 5 minutes. I shall persevere and find out how many times it boomerangs! lol But seriously, surely we can make one that is not so ridiculously slow. Even if it has more pieces I will give you the record.
...1.5 times, I think? it was really close. This is the most tedious thing I have ever had to watch in this game lol.
...made it to the workspace so maaaybe twice. god damn it I will have to watch this thing again. JHawk, curse you!
...the rods have reached their rotation maximum and have begun glitching out on me, but it boomeranged for sure a third (second?) time! wooo
...third (fourth?) time! wooo! I may be missing some of the wins if I am not paying attention for that specific moment.
...fifth? time! shoot I was typing and I missed it going a sixth time, maybe. not sure if it got back to the workspace between them though. The rod closest to the ball has finally glitched out. Been watching for 25 minutes. Will have to do this again.
...I really wish I could scrub through the playback. or slow down and rewind and fast forward. sigh. SEVEN! If it gets to 20 and is still going EIGHT! I will watch it again and pay close attention.
...NINE! and 30 minutes. it seems to need to catch the ball on the front of the paddle TEN! while it's going over the top for it to go in. wait now it's up to 12 but it hasn't gone back to the workspace, damn it! and also it was totally just swinging around. okay I think we're at nine but I could be totally wrong here. sigh.
...maybe I should start over now? but if it does get stuck it would be nice to know when. Ten?
...if you get 20 boomerangs in under 20 minutes I'll give you the record even if it's more pieces. Eleven I think. but it could be like, 15 and it could be like, 9.
...Twelve? contraption is teetering a lot more all of a sudden...
...Thirteen, got to goal three times, hasn't gotten back to workspace. four. now back in workspace.
...goal again, fourteen. goal again but no workspace. there.
...14.5 (goal), and 15 (workspace).
...this is the longest I have ever 15.5! watched a single friggin contraption. still not 16... goal again...aaaaalmost... goal again...
...I bet this was why I left. I didn't want to put myself through this. Maybe when we invent time machines the first thing I do will be tell myself not to update this thread lol. 16! finally got back to the workspace.
...16.5... 17!
...if I get to 25 I might just 17.5! call it an infboom and be done, lol. hasn't collapsed yet. 17.5 again...'s actually been stuck for a while. it might be stuck forever. nope! whew, that would have meant I had to watch the whole thing 18! again.
...20.5! 21! it's gonna do it! coming up on one hour.
...21.5! stuck... goal again... 22!
...almost 23 twice in a row... checked the level statistics and it is 65 piece.
...22.5! goal again... stuck... 23!
...23.5.... and it just glitched into the wall. oh yay, it's out. 24. I won't tell.
...yeah, this is infboom. Cool. That was a massive ordeal. wonder how long it takes to collapse, but not gonna find out.

meconopsis wrote:Are you interested in designs which use the same number of pieces but are better in ticks?
Skips wrote:rabid is interested in lower tick but same piece designs, but to your query with not mentioning green, unconnected is just assumed to be green here.
Yes what Skips said. super super super late response. Sigh. I'll update yours. Anyone want to tackle this for more levels, go for it! Won't update them all to have ticks unless someone beats the ticks with a tweak, and will only add you in contributors, but happy to add them!

CoCoN_16 wrote:I still can't believe that rabid squirrel is back.
CoCoN_16 wrote:I wanted to check some records and I discovered that there is 3pc Image :brown: :sweep: :champ: for Full-up. I made this few weeks earlier, so I thought that someone stole my design. But I checked my ID, then the last page of this thread and it all became clear ;) At least my solution is pretty big tick tweak (much less boring), so here it is: 11242709.
Realized I had this
- Image :brown: :sweep: :champ: Unconnected Brown Sweep Champion - 9435142 - 3 piece - Linkzcap (& redreoicy)
which should have knocked out
- :brown: :sweep: :champ: Brown Sweep Champion - 8704655 - 3 piece - Linkzcap (& redreoicy/Layman/lvlark)
so your design is not gonna be included. sorry!

CoCoN_16 wrote:Now something about Pilots. For example :clean: :sweep: Image for Awash isn't a pilot (but this is: 7 pieces). To explain this I prepared... eeee... short comic :xd: - Tale of a Pilot.
Gosh, you're very right. I need to go back through and re-assess pilots...

jofjltn4 wrote: handling 19 piece :water: :boomerang:
But I get ZERO credit for it. It's wafflekins' design but just one of the weight rods deleted.
unfortunately you are the latest in a long line of tweakers so you do actually get credit :P

Wafflekins wrote:Junkyard :water: 5pc by mtdewd
From the slow contraption thread... was this never added because of how slow it is?
yes. from the OP:
rabid squirrel wrote:Also, the ones that do virtually nothing for over 10 minutes or so (about 13k ticks on my computer) will be disqualified, unless they were the only one that achieved that combination of badges.
That one definitely takes more than 10 minutes, and is not the only solution (unlike the infboom for unpossible which I watched for an hour because it is the only one in existence lol)

Linkzcap wrote:Hey, it looks like my old Junkyard Champion doesnt work anymore.
I've tried to tweak it back but just couldn't quite get it:
Huh that's annoying. I wonder why it doesn't work anymore. I am on the exact same computer as when I put it in the thread. Weird.
I decided to see if it was champ by taking a ball and seeing how close I could get it to the edge of the workspace, and judging from that your solution is champ. so I'll just replace it.

DoktorQ wrote:ATB Unconnected Brown Pilot Champ 3 piece
Tweaked my old designs a bit until luck stroke me.
Unfortunately you have been beaten by CoCoN_16 with this solution:
of course, no way for you to know because the thread hasn't been updated. sorry...

DOINKSTER wrote:Reach Up
4 piece Rodless, Clean and Unconnected..
Sir, that is a beauty! :monocle:

Leeserdoresky wrote:
Full-up 2 piece unconnected champ
Sorry, but the current solution has a lower ID and does it faster

JHawk's 65 piece :boomerang: :boomerang: for Unpossible -
CoCoN_16's 6 piece :clean: :water: pilot for Mind the Gap -
----- & 28 piece :boomerang: :boomerang: (InfBoom) for Awash - (& Wafflekins, only) (PC only)
----- & 3 piece :brown: uncon pilot :champ: for Around the Bend -
----- & 7 piece :clean: :sweep: pilot for Awash -
Skips's 11 piece :clean: :boomerang: :champ: (Champerang) for Junkyard - (& CoCoN_16)
----- & 7 piece :clean: :brown: :champ: for The Wall -
----- & 6 piece :brown: pilot :boomerang: for MInd the Gap -
DoctorQ's 26 piece :clean: :green: pilot for Junkyard - (& zhyrek, rianbay812, Error-QM, schmittd)
jofjltn4's 19 piece :water: :boomerang: for Handling - (& rianbay812, Wafflekins)
Wafflekins's 15 piece :water: pilot :champ: :boomerang: for Reach Up - (& rianbay812)
mtdewd's 32 piece :clean: :sweep: :boomerang: for Junkyard -
schmittd's 10 piece :water: :champ: :boomerang: for Mission to Mars -
zhyrek's 3 piece uncon :brown: :boomerang: for Rolling Away -
DOINKSTER's 4 piece uncon :clean: :rodless: for Reach Up -

remove :brown: :sweep: :champ: for full up (beaten by uncon :brown: :sweep: :champ: ), but add Layman/lvlark as contributors to other design
remove 8pc :boomerang: in Junkyard (beaten by 6 pc)
replace 2pc :champ: for junkyard with, also by linkzcap, add note about old design
remove 5pc uncon :boomerang: for rolling away (beaten by 3pc uncon :brown: :boomerang: )

El Doo's 0 piece/56 tick :clean: ( Image / :rodless: / :water: ) for rolling away -
meconopsis's 2 piece/83 tick :clean: uncon :champ: for rolling away -
----- & 3 piece/163 tick :brown: pilot :boomerang: for rolling away -
----- & 3 piece/72 tick :boomerang: :boomerang: for rolling away -
----- & 5 piece/55 tick :water: :boomerang: for rolling away -
DoktorQ's 2 piece/100 tick :water: :champ: for Mind the Gap - (& Wafflekins)

- Re-assess pilots with water "guards" in mind
- Boomerang overhaul: all :boomerang: are now :boomerang: :champ:, all :champ: :boomerang: are now :boomerang: :boomerang:
- Find simpler :boomerang: solutions that aren't already :boomerang: :champ: ? New thread?
- Add carpenter, add solutions posted
- Then I'll post some ideas! we will have all sorts of things that can be done with these new additions!
- add more badges?
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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby rabid squirrel on Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:16 am

Updating now...

changing all:
(this solution works for most but not for me)
[Windows Only]
since that is more accurate and concise.

schmittd wrote:i just noticed mission to mars was missing one of these guys
:water: :champ: :boomerang: 10pc
Okay so I was watching this to make sure it boomeranged 20 times and I realized it only got to 16 or so and then started not working. It would slowly tilt to the right until the ball wasn't making it into the goal:
I made a quick tweak and added a tiny more bit of weight to the left side and voila 25+ boomerangs!
so I guess I get to credit myself for this one lol, since yours was actually a 16x boomerang :P

I also looked around and did some research and found a supposedly faster infboom for unpossible:
finished 10 boomerangs in 30 mins making it just as slow. stopped watching.

and then I found this:
which is beautiful. freezes up for me after 19 boomerangs in 3 minutes (compared to like, 63 minutes with JHawk's solution) which is just obnoxious, but apparently on windows it goes for half an hour. So totally counts. Also did I mention it's freaking beautiful and elegant and stuff? yeah.

Thik_Tip's :boomerang: :boomerang: Infinite Boomerang for Unpossible - (& lord_hamybal, rianbay812)

Also, decided to take out the contributors on a second line stuff. there's all in the one line now. some lines are long but whatever I think it looks cleaner.

- :brown: :boomerang: Brown Boomerang - 9695493 - 19 piece - johnnychoob (& DMarden117/Skips/souliers779)
- :water: :boomerang: Water Boomerang - 11798620 - 19 piece - jofjltn (& rianbay812/Wafflekins/redreoicy/DMarden117/Skips/souliers779)
Look at that the 19pc water boomerang knocked out the 19pc brown boomerang!

- :brown: :sweep: :champ: Brown Sweep Champion - 8704655 - 3 piece - Linkzcap (& redreoicy/Layman/lvlark)
- Image :brown: :sweep: :champ: Unconnected Brown Sweep Champion - 9435142 - 3 piece - Linkzcap (& redreoicy/Layman/lvlark)

- Image :boomerang: Unconnected Boomerang - 9609592 - 5 piece - Linkzcap
- Image :brown: :boomerang: Unconnected Brown Boomerang - 11937769 - 3 piece - zhyrek

And finally, just for fun, a leaderboard! Omitted the people with one design. Didn't include contributors or tick tweakers.
104 - WizBang
38 - redreoicy
23 - DMarden117
20 - chris4a4
13 - Skips
11 - mtdewd
10 - GreenTime
6 - rabid squirrel
6 - MrZNF
5 - JHawk4
5 - Linkzcap
4 - flagitious
4 - CoCoN_16
4 - zedifo
4 - BapfelOrange
4 - lord_hamybal
4 - 8-BiT
3 - Layman
2 - osiris2
2 - sp3000
2 - onilink106
2 - joeysjj
2 - Spooned
2 - zhyrek
2 - Magnum1000
2 - defect9
2 - jacuzzi_
2 - Sumaleth
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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby ken75 on Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:00 pm

Whao! Thanks for all the updating Rabid squirrel. If only this place wasn't such a ghost town these days!
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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby dmasters on Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:37 pm

This is really incredible, thank you for putting so much work in for the few of us that are left. (and welcome back!) I'm feeling the need for an FC Revival of sorts...?
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Re: Simplest Badge Records

Postby rabid squirrel on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:59 am

I only feel bad I didn't do anything in the last four years. College... need I say more...

now I am graduated and working and have a ton more time haha.
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