Unpowered Designs - Bun Dun?

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Unpowered Designs - Bun Dun?

Postby Thalamus-Zen on Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:45 am

Hey guys,


Unpowered Designs - Bin Dun

Complete the level with no powered balls what so ever!

Looking forward to seeing your designs! :woop:

Re: Unpowered Designs - Bun Dun?

Postby Oddball on Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:55 am

It doesnt get any less powered than http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=696392
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Re: Unpowered Designs - Bun Dun?

Postby Digrae on Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:57 am

Bin dun... bin dun many times over actually. Check out the badges and challenges sticky at the top for popular jargon for this board. What you're talking about is referred to as "green" solutions. A step further is "brown" where you don't get to use wheels at all. There's some crazy good designs posted though. A few of the regulars on this board are phenomenal designers.
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