Free Level 'Longway AND Badge' Challenge [ 21 vids! ]

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Re: Free Level 'Longway AND Badge' Challenge [ 2 vids! ]

Postby Error-QM on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:50 pm

Dean-o wrote:
Error-QM wrote:Counterclockwise around the small square, then counterclockwise underground:
:brown: 11636279 by {???}

Love triggers :)
Fixed longway path.

Thanks, fixed it in my draft. :)

schmittd wrote:i think theres a mistake in this one. sorry to be a burden...
the over the top left to right design by evilclone appears to be the wrong link/designid
jacuzzi_ wrote:9. Around the Bend
Over the top:
:badgeless: 9851592 by janneshopman2 // Nice catching bridge!
:badgeless: 10674188 by rianbay812 // Early design by rian
:champ: 2915429 by Hurkyl (based on an initial design by kdausman) :worship:
:brown: 9856093 by Lord_hamybal :worship:
Under everything:
:badgeless: 9920416 by Waffle :worship:
Under everything backwards:
:badgeless: 10044037 by Enwironzvae, Hero88go, Waffle and zhyrek // Those underpults are getting boring . . . But great work!
Over the top (left to right):
:badgeless: 10111360 by evilclone :worship: <<----- Mistake???
:badgeless: 10106392 Faster version of evilclone's solve by Dean647
:champ: 10107030 Champ version of evilclone's design by DoktorQ

You are correct, sir :). I found the design on Page 37 of this very thread:
evilclone wrote:ATB over the top left-to-right

I have streamlined it and corrected the mistake. Also, don't worry about pointing out mistakes to me. I, like Dean, am a perfectionist. :)
Sorry about the delayed updating,'s coming soon, promise!
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Re: Free Level 'Longway AND Badge' Challenge [ 21 vids! ]

Postby camaro 09 on Sun May 20, 2012 11:07 am

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Re: Free Level 'Longway AND Badge' Challenge [ 21 vids! ]

Postby Wafflekins on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:40 am

Full Up is total wallhax but they're both awesome!
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