How to Solve Any Problems You Have with FC!!

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How to Solve Any Problems You Have with FC!!

Postby devonmartino on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:25 pm

If you're having any problems with FC, don't just complain on the forums, DO something about it!
Here's how:
    Locate, on the Sparkworkz bar on the top of the page, the Support button.
    State any problems you're having. Be sure to only include specific, factual statements (an Error 500 appears when I click on _____) and no emotional or threatening statements (such as: I hate this game now, I'm going to quit, I'll tell you where you can stick your Fantastic Contraption, etc...)
If as many people complain about this as possible, we can actually convince those in charge of bug repair to solve this problem! =D
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