Username/ Password - "EXISTS"

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Username/ Password - "EXISTS"

Postby mrlewp on Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:45 am

To my surprise I was logged into this forum. However, when trying to log into the game (FC) I get the most annoying error message, saying that BOTH sign-in creds. don't exist!!? FIRST,.. if it's only one of the items that's a problem, then it should say so. After failing to get into my PAID account here, I was able to search and find.. "mrlewp"! And, right there were all of my dusty designs listed! (Been away, but I'm back!) But I can't log in, and the password that I used for this forum, is the same I've used for over 2 yrs.! for the game and for my account!
At the same time, I also can't access anything using my iPad 4 FC app!? I was, until 2 days or so ago, and I did NOT initiate any changes! Paid for the iPad app also, and was very happy until this problem.
**Yes, I have requested an email to RESET my Password, both on the iPad and my PC, more than twice on each. I've yet to receive any email at al!??
HELP, Please!!
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