feature request - allow a pin/pivot-point in links

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feature request - allow a pin/pivot-point in links

Postby sunshinex on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:55 pm

Feature request - allow us to create a simple lever by inserting a pin where two links intersect. This would allow for complex creations such as a scissor lift, etc.

Re: feature request - allow a pin/pivot-point in links

Postby WayneBob on Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:25 am

That would be really nice to have. OtOH, designing around the lack of them is part of the challenge. Every time I find myself wanting them, I just think "These are tinker toys, not an erector set." Maybe you could be allowed a limited number of pines per design? Nah... probably too complicated.

Oh! This person did manage to make a scissors type lever arm, so it's not un-possible!

As a vaguely related suggestion, when I started playing I couldn't figure out the "wart" looking lumps on the wood rods. I thought they were supposed to be a connecting node to allow a mid-rod pivot. Now they're just annoying clutter. Perhaps they should just be removed? I normally stay in simple-graphics mode, but overall the rods are just displayed too wide -- I can't see enough of what's behind them when they're close together.
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