I need to report a user, how?

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Re: I need to report a user, how?

Postby jdelgado06 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:20 am

Ok, that's enough.

Daz - I feel for you and your son, I know you're just trying to have a good time and a guy like Skeezix comes along and rains on your parade. The best advice I can give is just to try to ignore him. Continue trying to get a hold of Sparkworkz if you with to continue filing a complaint, sadly it seems as though they've mostly forgotten about FC1 and all of us "mods" left don't have any power outside these forums. That said, there's probably not a lot they can do. There's no implicit rule that says you can't be a jerk.

Skeez - I'd like to request that you back off a bit. Freedom of speech notwithstanding, this is a game where both kids and adults play and that makes it a slippery slope. Please use some common sense and try not to be a complete tool towards other people's designs or levels. It will go a long way towards keeping the game fun for everyone.
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