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Bunnie (Animal Crossing New Leaf)

Postby bakuganfan465 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:54 am

To those of you who play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and have Bunnie in their town: I would like your Dream Adresses. Bunnie was my absolute favorite villager in the game and, unfortunately for me and the residents of Kalos (my town) Bunnie moved away on February 2nd, 2014. (Weird that I know the exact date, but I acknowledge that I'm obsessed). Friend Codes are even better if I can join, but I'll settle for Dream Adresses. I will edit this post with my town name, Dream Address, and Friend Code at some point. Maybe tomorrow.
EDIT: fixed typos
EDIT EDIT: Changed up the post a little. This topic is now open fot fellow AC:NL plzyers to also share their favorite villagers as well. Hope to actually see some replies, hopefully with that adorable rabbit's current residence.
EDIT THE EDIT OF THE EDIT: Again I acknowledge that I am either obsessed with Animal Crossing or with Bunnie. Comments like that can be shared, but I will not be offended.
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