Off-Topic Forum Guidelines (READ THIS FIRST!!!!!)

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Off-Topic Forum Guidelines (READ THIS FIRST!!!!!)

Postby Dr. Phil on Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:51 am

Okay, I didn't think that the OT forum would come to this, but it is time to implement some guidelines for the OT forum superior to 'just chill'.

People should not post using lots of vulgar or racist language, inappropriate or racist links, pictures or levels.

The OT forum has gone way downhill to a forum where people try to increase their post count and nothing more. I love the corrupt a wish threads and the like. But OT should be about discussing things that are not on the topic of FC, like other games, hobbies etc. I just think a set of guidelines would be good so we dont have idiots running rampant over the forums.

Some guideines
    -Use descriptive titles for threads.(not titles like "hey" "fun game" etc.)
    - People should not post nonsense just to increase their post count. Your post should add to the thread.
    - Do not use racist or vulgar language, even as a joke
    - Do not personally attack anybody on the forums
    - Do not talk about someones personal life without their approval
    - Do not make threads with no point (i.e. spam threads)
    - Have a parent or friend proofread your messages before posting (sarcasm)
    - Act your age (there are 13 year olds posting things, we know this, do not give into their stupid comments if you are 20+, it's sad)
    - Threads should be about things that are not on the topic of FC, hence the name OFF TOPIC
    - No spam threads. Post countdown threads and other spam threads will be instantly locked.

Overall, Off-topic is a place where people should be able to talk about their personal lives, hobbies, what they are asking for for Christmas, what your job is, what level you are in school etc.

Off-Topic is not a place to rant and rave about other FC members or FC itself. Personal vendettas or messeages should be sent via PM.

If people do not start adhering to these guidelines you will be warned and possibly baned. Act your age and clean up Off-Topic.

______Use specific thread titles________
When making a thread anywhere in the forums it would be helpful to use specific thread titles. Don't say "awesome" "look" "my idea". Instead, tell us in the title what you need help with, what you have a problem with and what you are suggesting. Notice you knew exactly what would be in this thread when you clicked it.

Please use specific thread titles. It would make all our lives easier.


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Thank you

-Dr. Phil and friends
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