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Postby wd-41 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:10 pm

I have stuck by the old saying: "If you see a problem, offer a solution."
Here's my solution: Shut Down FC1 & transfer membership to FC2.

To continue FC1 as an ongoing venture would be a fraud. It's obvious to even the most casual observor that the site is NON- FUNCTIONAL. If a business were to offer a one-time-fee-based membership at a DVD Rental store and the delivery method changed from DVD to Internet based streaming the store would NOT keep the sales floor open with empty DVD cases- or even turn you away at the door. They'd discuss the change and offer a negotiated deal.

Without FC actually confirming that they've discontinued their support they've defacto left the sales floor open and provided their customer with empty DVD cases.

I look forward to ANY form of COMMUNICATION confirming that either:
1- This Site will be shut down and your membership terminated.
2- This Site will be functional by ________ (date)
3- Could we offer you a partial refund/credit toward access to FC2?

Most sincerely yours and still patiently waiting for a reply,

M. Hall

as an added note- FC1 is CURRENTLY accepting NEW ACCOUNTS.
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Postby camaro 09 on Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:20 pm

im suing as we speak! thanks for the info!
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