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User #1127441: zack11

From zack11

Hello FCers! Welcome To My Profile. I Want To Know What You Guys Think. So If You Have Anything To Say, Say It On My Level Named Profile. I Will Update Info On My Best Levels And Designs And How They Happened. Some Are More Interesting Than You Would Think. :)


One Of The Toughest Times On FC I've Ever Had Was On A Level I Made Called Maze. It Only Took About 30 Minutes To Get The Ball To The Last Part. But Then, I Ran Out Of Ideas. Then I Came Up With A Popping Sort Of Brown Design. After Hours Of Adjusting, The Ball Arrived At The Right Time. To My Horror, The Ball Barely Left The Platform. I Then Thought Of A Catapult Design. But Again, The Ball Didn't Even Get Half Way There. I Was So Depressed That I Decided To Totally Quit Everything Else On FC Until I Solved It. It Took Over 2 Weeks (About 2 Hours A Day) To Perfect My Design. Then After I Got The Timing Right...It Went To Far. It Actually Went Over The Green Wall. Then, The Second Time The Ball Left The Platform, It Went Strait In!!! 2 Weeks Of Work Had Paid Off! So Go Ahead, Check Out My Design All-Star! And Check Out My Other Designs If You Want! I Hope You Enjoyed This "Behind The Scenes" On My Toughest Design.


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