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User #1523979: HazzBombz13

From HazzBombz13

I am Hazzbombz13, I am currently experiencing a problem that means I won't be able to do stuff... but of course that is fixed now. I personally like joke levels an sand boxes. Don't ask why 13 is in my name I just like the fact it is unlucky!

Fixed problem

Turned out my windows system was temporary and didn't play online games so i changed it and i'm running again!


I know people find my levels strange but I just love making them, if you don't like them, don't play them!!!!!But please do respect me I'm not in my teens!!!! My levels are way back in the pages but just click HAZZBOMBZ13 STUFF and whazoo you got my interesting/weird stuff. Also the fun levels near the end of my stuff are mainly just sandboxes.


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