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User #325367: Afronanny

From Afronanny

Hiya! I joined FC in September, when I saw it on addictinggames. (which I have now replaced with kongregate) Since then, I have become one of the "regular crowd" around the forums and the IRC. I occaisionally host competitions, and fairly frequently publish new levels.


Feel free to contact me on the chat room. I am usually on, but I may be under a number of nicknames. The most common are Deity, Afro, and Afronanny.

My levels

For each and every level, I find it essential that the level force you to think in a different way than you are used to. How long did you sit puzzling over Mission to Mars? Tube? Handling? Unpossible? Each level encompasses a unique way of thinking, and I fear I may run out soon. The tap is still running however, and the water is as tasteful as ever. I hope you enjoy them! Some favorites: Dynamic Sort, Controlled fall, Big Problem, Fibonacci Timin, The Puzzler, Compass, and Ice the Cake.


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