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User #61682: warfeek

From warfeek

I'm just your average mind bogglingly smart 13 year old that can do things unimaginable in the eyes of an adult. Though I needed spell check just to spell unimaginable.

About Warfeek (Patrick)

I'm 13, love fantastic contraption, COD, and borderlands 2. I play most of these on xbox360. But fantastic contraption is my high time fav. Soooo, that's me. The real question is. Who are you?

Hardest design

So, I got this "hardest design" thing from Zack11. Hope it goes well. Anyways, I was playing a level called "angry birds", a more modern one, when I got an idea to top everyone, don't FLING something, extend. If you want a flinger look up my "sling" the extender is called "God's Reach", it took about 2 days, (about 3 hours a day) It was a new Idea to me with these odd, mechanisms that looked unfeasible. But I wanted a challenge, so I tried it with a super complicated mech stretcher, but it ended up too short, so I tried a simpler design, then got practically mesmerized by the odd twisting and moving of the extender, I modded it, tweaked it, did everything I could to get it working, and ended up with an extender that had a sort of whip reacher at the end of it, it looked cool, worked well, and was simply one of a kind. Note it's name God's Reach, unique and powerful, my hardest contraption ever. So check it rate do whatever just make sure you never stop playing Fantastic Contraption!!!


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