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User #66994: sk89q

From sk89q

Hello there! I'm sk89q, the original creator of FC Resource, the site that the one you are using now is based off of. I started FC Resource back in August 2008 as a little hobby when Fantastic Contraption's interface had much to desire (it was just the game and a link to the forums). Since then, I have sold FC Resource to inXile and you now see it on here, integrated right into the website! However, I no longer run or manage it, so direct all your questions and complaints to inXile. You can still see the original version of FC Resource. I have never have had anything to do with the actual game, by the way.

While I do make designs once in a while, I primarily make levels. You may have seen or even played some of my levels already. I never have entered a competition or run one, and I have no future plans to. As much as FC is fun, I do like other physics simulation games.

You can find me posting occasionally on the FC forums or in #fc, FC's IRC channel. My website is located at http://sk89q.therisenrealm.com.


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(Last updated 31 December, 2008)


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