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User #754767: damoul

From damoul

I usually prefer interesting or funny levels rather than technical, impossible-looking ones. I also love original & beautiful designs - I'm not into brown/green/etc. badges.

All my levels have been tested and are possible to solve. Most of them are intended to provide some fun & pleasure. Give'em a try !

my levels

My best levels and series :

3 sisters (1) *** (unsolved)
3 sisters (2) *** (unsolved)

Claustrophobia *** (unsolved)

Space fruits ***

Shooting skills *** (unsolved)

Entropy 1 **
Entropy 2 ***

Enigma *** (unsolved)
Easier : Maze/bridge/key **

A spider's job v3 ***

Dominos ***

Three drops *** (unsolved)

Other good levels :

Experts wanted **

Backdoor **

Headshot **

Tweak again **
Team work ** (unsolved)

Reverse dunk ** (unsolved AND untested)

The gathering ** (unsolved)

The experiment v3 **

Darts **
Darts 2 *
Darts 3 ** (unsolved)

Back up **

Easy little one **

Not so good, but still decent :

The crossing *

Tic-tac-toe * (unsolved)

Rnd 1 * (unsolved)

Plato's cave *

Get burried 1.1 *
Get burried 1.2 *

Very easy - for fun only :

3-act ragdoll
Remote plinko
Harder plinko (still too easy!)

other levels & designs

Human figures

I try to complete the free levels by creating contraptions that look like human persons, using mainly wood rods for the body.
The result can be pretty lame (around the bend, on a roll, mission to Mars, pit & pendulum, skateboarding pizzaman for the level full-up).
Sometimes it's possible to build something more elaborate :
the wall - grandpa and his wheelchair
junkyard - gardener losing control of his lawnmower
reach up - killer biker
u-turn - prisoner in a cage (tweak it ! you can open the cage, tie the guy's neck to it, modify his body position... it can be pretty funny and still efficient)

Unnoticed levels that deserve a try (I mean it!) :

1) 10 mini balls by nuno9. This one is original, hard & funny. I can't get it why more people don't play it. I couldn't solve it correctly and won by chance (sort of).
2) Wait for me by Ninja Meatloaf. Build a smart elevator, wait for the ball and lift it up. It required many tweaks but I finally did it. This level definitely deserves more designs, it's waiting for you =)
3) Fly by cuicui78. Not very hard but much interesting, with many different ways to solve it. I made it with some kind of mermaid-looking contraption.
4) Eros by wenwuwy : 3 small balls, 3 small holes, and many tweaks required. I'm pretty sure that most people will love it.
5) Battlefield by 0cho_cinc0


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