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User #870761: TofuManiac

From TofuManiac

I found this game on www.whirled.com. when I was changing my character look from a piece of tofu and Clicked an ad. Whoop! I can`t stop playing so I ask for the 10$ version. It seems as if it NEVER stops being fun. Guess I`m on for a while! Well the new 22-42 numbered levels are hard. I finally did them -_- (Not all of them ) Next Blurb shows ... see for yourself. PS: It is unlikely I will be on this site Mon. - Wed. Beascause I am not aloud on the computer on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. If I don`t have school then MAYBE I`ll be aloud but either way, keep it in mind. Also, I have a sister that uses the computer a lot. I do have another laptop but * Thats the work computer * If I wake up early I do get a short turn. That is just 30 minutes, something like that. (This is probably now too much information for a PS! ) I have a PS .... 3. PS3. Bye! Rye!... Bread ( Rye is also a city. ) I have a "game tree" I started on Club Penguin, Went to Sifaka, Then to Fupa, Then to Whirled, Then to Line Rider, Then to here, fantastic contraption. {82%90"I1&J0"N0"X0DY0D[0#b0"c0"d0"~$'%/~+|,@5?69?6@2A4I5J.K+} (Use that code for Candystand`s "Electric Box." Just don`t edit the level. Go to http://www.whirled.com/friend/212138 and give meh barz!

Versions, Bombs and MY SISTER!

If you find one of my levels there will probably be a version 2 I once made a version 11! About Bomb levels if you put two goal pieces or two dynimac shapes on top of each other they will explode! Green shape and dynimac shape work too. Goal piece and Dynimac shape (Or Green Shape) means unless a building area is hidden under the shape it is IMPOSSIBLE to move the goal piece. So confusing.... OMG Pepper Pickle Bannana Carrot Pepper Pickle Bannana Retarded! No really, that IS retarded.....................................................................................Pepper Bannana PEANUT BUTTER JELLY? Whatever this is probably getting Yakima-noying (Yakima + Annoying) Well read #3! My sister is VERY annoying (Speaking of yakimanoing) SHE IS TEN YEARS OLD AND STILL MEAN COMMENTS ABOUT EVERYTHING I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !_! Calm down -_- ( I didn`t mean fall asleep.) Now this tab will sleep but the third is still awake. -_- -_- ' u ' < Awake

Word World ( And speaking of words)

I made a level called words in the sky. The Stuff says I Did Not because I did not have enough room to put I did not make this easy so I put the full thing on the description. Problem Solved 0_0 I like making qwerty faces. ( A qwerty is what your keyboard`s original name is. Tip: Try making words out of Green Blocks to tell people something. PS: Make sure it matches your title. It will keep people from looking at the level and saying "Oh, this isn`t what I expected." So try one and wait a week or two and LOTS of inventions are ready to be seen.... By You! And speaking of words, MY SISTER THAT COMMENTS! Calm down, all tabs are asleep. >>>>>>>>>>> -_- -_- -_- List of Qwerty Faces: 0_0 o_o O_O >_< ._. ?_? !_! ^_^ ^.^ :) :( *_* X_X x_x ^u^ `u`-_- I like this one -_-" (annoying success.) (Epic win)


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