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User #871946: BradTheBS

From BradTheBS

I am pretty popular on fc. I bet you have seen my designs before. I do my designs all in caps LIKE THIS. I am making youtube videos on my designs that I make or see. I have different series going on. BEST GLITCH, CHALLENGE SOLVED, EXTREME LUCK, BOOMERANG, PILOT, TO AVERAGE, BADGELESS, NEVER LEAVES, UNEXPECTED AND GYMNASTICS. SUPER SPEED is done but I am always on the look out for faster designs. There will be more to come. I also have hall of fames and best of's. I have broke some records. I did have the record for the least amount of pc used for the level skyscaper (5pc), I did have the the record for least amount of pc used for stuck (4pc) but somebody beat it in 3. I was the frist to have the record for least amount of pc used for default (3pc) without pins. I was the frist to have the record for least amount of pc used for projected (5pc) but someone submitted one faster then me. I also have the current record for least amount of pieces for displacement (1pc, I have the fastest one piece design for it.) I do not like playing player levels. I stick to the official 42 in my design series. In my mini series I do levels 1-21. Not all my designs are original, I would say that 1/3 are my own. some designs for my series I have to make myself because nobody can accomplish a take for a specific level. Some design series are made of half or all original designs. I started something new called BS BONUS were I make a design but it does not fall under any of my categories, most are rated 5 stars.

Previous series + Descriptions

These are series that I did but finished, as in I have made or found a design that fits the qualifications for the series for every level (1-42). If it is a mini series then it is just half the levels mostly 1-21. They are in no specific order. WTF- A design that just looks weird and when you look at it you say WTF SUPER SLOW- A mini series that has the slowest design that wins a level CATAPULT- A catapult can win any level, so I proved it SWEEP- A mini series were all of the levels that have them, all of the movable terrain is removed off the map UNTOUCHED- The GP is not moved at all during the construction of the contraption BADGEFUL- A design that wins a lot of badges PINKY- A design that uses no blue or yellow wheels SAFETY- A contraption that does not ever fall off the map NO POWER- A green design that I made CLASSY- The frist ever posted win for a level PINED- A origonal design that I make using pins STAY IN GOAL- A champ design that I made for all levels CLEAN- A contraption were all pieces of it fall off the map WATER ONLY- A blue design for all levels, if it can't be done, then I made a design that does with the minimal sticks needed while the majority of the contraption is water rods WOODCHUCK- A mostly origonal design series were I beat all levels with just sticks SUPER SPEED- The fastest win for the level (I am always looking for faster PTP level wins) COOL PLACE- I make a contraption that puts the GP somewhere else besides the goal TO SIMPLE- A win that uses the least amount of pieces possible EPIC FAIL- The closest the GP can get in the goal it looks like it wins... but it doesn't TO COMPLEX- A complicated win TO AVERAGE- A solve that everybody does like the 0pc design for Rolling Away

Current series + Descriptions

These are series that are going one right now. NEVER LEAVES- A contraption that wins then returns to the workspace BEST GLITCH- The best/funniest glitch that wins for all levels BADGELESS- A badgless design, as simple as that PILOT- A pilot design, as simple as that CHALLENGE SOLVED- A design that beats a challenge that was made buy somebody else BOOMERANG- A boomerang design, as simple as that EXTREME LUCK- A lucky design, a really lucky design UNEXPECTED- A design that looks like it will do one thing then does something completely different and wins GYMNASTICS- A beautiful win


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